Heart and Soulcraft

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"Claire has created an inspirational and encouraging course which has supported me in my own creative and personal development. For me this has been a spiritual journey of which she has become a welcomed and appreciated friend."

"I was full of anxiety for a few months and found it difficult to sleep. The guided journeys helped me to relax and remember who I am." 

"I especially enjoyed the writing exercises. They helped me understand how I am changing. Some of the things I used to want don't seem so important any more, while new dreams are emerging. Keeping a journal for these thoughts felt very suppotive."

"It was great to give myself the space to approach the changes I'm going through and see it as an exciting journey rather than a stressful and scary time."

"This course helped me see that the menopause is not just a medical condition but a right of passage."

"Thank you Claire for giving me the confidence to believe in myself."

"... thought provoking and relaxing. This course has given me space to think and bring my plans into some sort of order and clarity. I have the collage I created on the wall at the end of my bed so I see it each day and it spurs me on with my plans. You have written this course in such a gentle and accessible way that it feels like it will draw people out whether creatively or spiritually!"

"It was a rare gift, to find something that can take me out of my busy life to indulge my inner self - Thankyou" 

"It was just the right thing to do at the end of a long stretch of stress! What I enjoyed the most was being supported to make time that was just about me. When you spend lots of time nurturing others there is a tendency to forget about yourself. So leaving it all behind and stepping into ME time was very refreshing, relaxing and a lot of fun. I am left feeling full of warmth and positivity and an intention to look after myself in the best possible way"