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Introduction to the Online Courses

Hi, Welcome to the online course section of the website. You’ve probably already discovered that there are links on the homepage to introductions for each individual course, but I just want to give you a few practical details here in case you want to know more before signing up for one. I will be introducing a new course every few months, so initially there will only be access to one or two courses....rest assured, the others will follow in the next wee while!

As I’ve mentioned in the introductions, these courses are based on workshops and support groups I’ve run in Cornwall over the past 5 to 12 years, adapted so you can do them at home. My experience as an art tutor and arts for health practitioner, and my trust in the power of creative practice to make sense of our lives is why most of the courses have a strong creative element. My training in NLP life coaching, Emotional Intelligence coaching and Virtues Project facilitation has also informed and flavoured the activities I’ve designed.....but I’m not an academic; I’m very down to earth, and I firmly believe in making life as simple as possible, so I hope that this is reflected in these courses...and that you find them both accessible and enjoyable, as well as inspiring and growthful.

What underpins the content in all the courses is my underlying belief that there are 7 major facilitators in the creation of a fulfilling and healthy life; 

  • Making time for creative activity
  • Enjoying simple pleasures
  • Honouring our wildness; spending time in nature, away from responsibilities and busy-ness
  • Being open to magic; reaping the rewards of experiencing the world with an open heart, enthusiasm and fascination
  • Listening to our inner voice; allowing enough quiet and stillness in our lives to receive guidance from our "higher self"
  • Recognising the importance of not carrying too much "baggage"; setting down unnecessary burdens and limiting beliefs
  • Practicing gratitude

 On a more practical level, all but one of the courses are designed in 12 weekly “sessions”, although you have 12 months access to the course in case you want to take your time over it. The exception to this is The Art of Ceremony course which comprises of 13 sessions, and is designed to be used monthly over a whole year, and will have 18 months access.

Each session includes between 3 and 5 activities; a mixture of life coaching exercises, meditations and guided visualisations, along with a wide range of accessible creative activities. You don’t have to have had previous experience of any of these things....although an open mind and heart and a desire to express yourself creatively in one way or another are useful attributes!

I would recommend setting aside about 2 and a half hours a week for each session....although many of the activities can be expanded to take longer if you’d like. You don’t have to do all the activities for one session on the same day, but I think you’ll get most out of the course if you do the activities in the order in which I’ve laid them out. There are also optional extras most weeks for those who want to take the process even deeper, and have the time to spread it out over more hours. These are optional though.  It’s important to me that you enjoy doing this course; that it’s something you look forward to doing....so if there’s a particular activity which you really don’t resonate with, don’t worry about it....maybe swap it for one of the optional extras instead. Having said that, you may well find that you have a resistance to some of the activities because they push you outside of your comfort zone, or challenge one of your limiting beliefs. In this case, it may be beneficial to kindly cajole yourself into doing them! If you don’t think you can meditate for example (and as a busy-brain sort of person, it wasn't something I was comfortable with until I persevered & finally "got" it!) do just give it a try. There are 2 or 3 different sorts of meditations in each course, so hopefully at least one of them will hit the spot for you.

Finally, I’ve designed these online courses for you to do alone, but if you have a friend or relation who you’d like to do it with, it can be fun to do it together....and cheaper to share the cost between two of you.

If you’d like to do a course with a group of friends or colleagues, or use it as a structure for a support group, please do get in touch with me as I am currently working on a group course option which will include facilitation suggestions and support, and activities that are adjusted to suit groupwork and working in pairs.

If you have any questions that I’ve not answered here or elsewhere on the website do email me....otherwise, if you find a course that seems to fit with what you’re looking for, just follow the link to put it in your shopping cart and pay for it with Paypal!! 


Every creation is inspired and informed by ones life experiences, and I am grateful to the following people for the inspiration and experiences they have given me along the way:

The author Lyall Watson for opening my mind at the age of 14

Jo May & all those who shared their teachings at CAER; especially Vicky Noble, David Carson and Caitlin Matthews

Gabrielle Roth, Ya'acov & Susannah Darling Kahn, Dilys Morgan Scott and David Rose for teachings through 5 Rhythms dance & ritual theatre

Clarissa Pinkola Estes for her book "Women who Run with the Wolves", which woke me up to my wild nature (& Malcolm Barradell for giving the book to me!)

The Virtues Project founders, and Diane MacPhearson & Tam Martin Fowles for training me in the Virtues Project

Steve Neale for Enotional Intelligence Coaching

Lizzi Larbalestier for her Catalyst NLP course

Isabella Quigley Moriarty at Menopause Self Care

All my partner Toby, my children, Kia & Teagan, my family, friends and students, who have consistently championed and supported my journey with generosity, love and enthusiasm.

Thank you all xx