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Finding the Artist Within

A course to support you to live your life more creatively. This course has grown from my absolute conviction that every one of us has an inner artist waiting to be set free. So whether you have never consciously been creative before, or have tried but had your creative efforts put down or judged harshly and lost confidence – or if you are already an artist, writer or musician but are feeling lost or stuck at the moment, you will find activities here that will support and encourage you to explore authentic and creative ways of expressing yourself.

We are all creative beings – sometimes our inner artist is only seen in the cakes we bake, the garden we plant, the clothes we choose to wear, or the doodle we draw in the boring meeting. I’m not expecting everyone who takes this course to become a professional artist....or want to be one....although some may;  it’s more that I hope I can help you to enrich your experience of life and the natural world through deepening your relationship with the artist within you by making space to develop a sustainable and enjoyable creative practice.

This course will be available from Spring 2021