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Finding the Artist Within

A course to support you to find your joyful, authentic, expressive inner artist, and to develop a sustainable creative practice that enriches your life for years to come.

This course has grown from my absolute conviction that every one of us has an inner artist waiting to be set free.,,,,one that may have been put down or judged so harshly that we lost confidence or gave up on it.  But all that inner artist needs is some encouragemnet and appreciation, and it can flourish! So, I have designed this course to be a guide and companion to you on this journey – whether you are making your first tentative steps into a creative life or whether you are already an artist but are feeling lost or stuck and need of a fresh perspective.

We are all creative beings – sometimes we only allow our inner artist to be seen in the cakes we bake, the garden we plant, the clothes we choose to wear, or the doodle we draw when we're on the phone. I’m not expecting everyone who takes this course to become a professional artist....or want to be one....although some may;  it’s more that I hope I can help you to enrich your experience of life and the natural world through making time and space to deepen your relationship with the artist within you.

This 12 week online course will be available from mid February, to do on your own, and there will also be a facilitated (online) version, with live content and tutorials starting in late March.

Please do use the contact form to let me know if you'd like to be sent the full details when they are ready...or just come back in mid February and click on the purchase button!