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Dancing on the Edge: Thriving in challenging times


If you are feeling particularly challenged by what life is throwing at you at the moment, this course will give a structured and nurturing "time out", for healthy and heartful self-reflection and self-discovery.

It offers 8 weeks of meditations, guided visualisations, personal growth activities and creative projects to support and gently encourage you to draw on your strengths and find ways to empower and inspire yourself - and those around you - to navigate gracefully through these uncharted waters.

You can buy - and start - this course at any time, by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, and you'll have 12 months access, so you can do it in your own time...even though it's designed to fit nicely into 8 weeks of a fairly busy life! 

The course weekly focus' are as follows:

  1. Celebrating who you are; what you treasure about yourself and your life
  2. Being grateful; appreciating simple pleasures
  3. Letting go of unecessary baggage
  4. Accepting and giving thanks for your emotions
  5. What supports and nourishes you
  6. Asking for help
  7. What story do you want your life to tell?
  8. What next? Setting intentions and making plans.

And more practical info is available on the introduction page on the Courses drop down menu.